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Soil Testing in Kenya : Unearthing Powerful Potential

Kenya’s Agriculture Landscape Kenya’s agriculture sector has long been the backbone of its economy, supporting [...]

Maize Farming in Kenya: Cultivating the Staple Crop

Maize, also known as corn, plays a vital role in Kenya’s agriculture sector. This article [...]

Suitable crops for drip irrigation in Kenya

Choosing the right crops for drip irrigation is vital for efficient and successful farming practices. [...]

Red Onion Farming 101: Essential Steps for Beginners

Before you dismiss the humble red onion as just another staple in your kitchen, prepare [...]

Hydroponic Systems: A Green Solution for Sustainable Agriculture

Attention, green thumbs and sustainability enthusiasts! Are you ready to witness a green revolution in [...]

Shade house. Shade net farming in Kenya.

Shade houses are structures made of materials such as steel frame, timber poles and or [...]

Drip irrigation system price in Kenya. Drip kit installation services.

A drip irrigation system is an easy way to water your new lawn, new plants [...]

Agronomy in Kenya. Agronomist services.

Kenya is a tropical country with some of the best soils in Africa. However, farming [...]

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what our clients say

“From the moment I placed my order, the customer service team was incredibly helpful and provided valuable insights to help me choose the right drip line for my garden’s needs. The ordering process was smooth, and I received my package on time”

” Greenhouse ya metali imenisaidia kukuza mimea yangu kwa kasi na kwa ubora zaidi. Shukrani kwa bidhaa bora na huduma mzuri”

Abbas Mohamed

“As a seasoned gardener, I can confidently say that the irrigation fittings I bought have been very helpful. These fittings have made setting up my watering system a breeze, ensuring precise water distribution to all my plants. I’m impressed with the durability and efficiency they provide. Thank you for transforming my gardening experience”

” Their team of experts offered invaluable insights and personalized recommendations for my crops, leading to remarkable improvements in yield and quality.”

Henry Kipyegon

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