Dam Liner in Kenya.

dam liner

The HDPE dam Liner is a type of synthetic material that is used for the construction of water reservoirs and dams. It has superior properties such as excellent tensile strength, high chemical resistance, high heat resistance, and flexibility.

What are the Functions of Dam Liners?

Dam liners are used to keep water in the dam and prevent it from leaking out. They also protect the dam from erosion, which can cause serious damage to a structure.

Liners are most often made from fiberglass or polystyrene foam.


  • They are a great way to protect your dam from leakage.
  • They can also be used on any type of dam and are suitable for both new construction and repair work.
  • The material used to make it is durable, making them long-lasting and easy to install or repair if needed.


Dam liners are used in the following applications:

  • Dams. The primary purpose of dam liners is to ensure that water does not leak out from underneath the dam, even if it rains heavily.
  • Water tanks/reservoirs/swimming pools etc… Dam liners also serve as protective barriers against airborne debris that would otherwise make their way into your facility’s main source(s) of drinking water supply.

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Dam liner prices in Kenya.

Size (mm)Price(Ksh)

Repairing Dam liners.

They are durable and resistant to damage, but they can be damaged by wear and tear. They are easily repaired using the following methods:

  • Sewing method – The sewing method entails cutting off the damaged area and sewing it back together. This is used when you want to repair small holes or tears without changing its profile or shape.
  • Sealing method – This is one of the most common ways people choose when they want to repair because it does not require any special tools or skills.

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