Drip irrigation fittings in Kenya

Drip irrigation fittings


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Drip irrigation fittings are the main components of a drip irrigation system. They allow you to easily connect your pipes and other components by providing a secure connection between them. They allow you to connect tubing and other components together so that water can flow through them.

The most common type of drip irrigation fitting is a barbed fitting, which has two sharp tines on one end and a clamp on the other.

Drip irrigation fittings in Kenya

If you are planning to install a drip irrigation system in your garden or farm, then the first thing you need to do is look for the right fittings.

Drip irrigation systems are designed with specific fittings that must be used if they are going to work properly and efficiently. The most common types of drip tape fittings include:

  • Drip-to-drip connector
  • Take off connector
  • End cap
  • Start connector
  • Valve connector

Drip irrigation kit price in Kenya

AcrePrice (Ksh)Components
1/1616,000Drip line (370m)
Hdpe mainline 20m.
Take-off (20) and connectors (20).
1/825,000Drip line (750m)
Hdpe mainline 30m.
Take-off (40) and connectors (40).
1/440,000Drip line (1500m)
Hdpe mainline 50m.
Take-off (50) and connectors (50).
1/270,000Drip line (3 rolls)
Hdpe mainline 100m.
Take-off (100) and connectors (100).
3/485,000Drip line (4 rolls)
Hdpe mainline 150m .
Take-off (150) and connectors (150).
1125,000Drip line (6 rolls)
Hdpe mainline 200m.
Take-off (200) and connectors (100).

Drip irrigation pipe price Kenya

Size (mm)Size (Inches)Price (Ksh)
401 1/470
501 1/2110
752 1/2230

Drip tape fittings in Kenya

Drip tape fittings are used in a range of applications, including agriculture and horticulture. They’re also popular among hobbyists who want to avoid the hassle of setting up their own water source or installing an expensive drip irrigation system themselves.

Drip tape fittings come in many different styles, materials, and sizes—the most common being:

  • Drip tape barbed fitting – This is the most basic type of drip tape fitting available for sale today. It consists of two parts (a top ring and a bottom ring)

Garden drip kit price in Kenya

The drip irrigation kits are available at different prices. The price of a drip irrigation kit depends on the type of the product and its features.

A garden drip kit is useful for watering your plants, lawns, flowers, and vegetables with water from the source.

The drip irrigation kit is an ideal choice to water your garden because it provides a steady stream of water and saves your plants from drying out. In addition, it also helps in keeping the soil moist enough for the healthy growth of your plants.

Drip Irrigation Pipe In Kenya:

The best way to install a drip irrigation pipe is to use HDPE pipes which are strong enough for any job you may want it to do.

This is the best website to visit when looking for drip fittings.

This is the best website to visit when looking for drip fittings. We deal in all types of drip irrigation fittings in Kenya. We have a wide range of drip and micro-irrigation fittings that are suitable for commercial and residential use.

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