Tomato farming has become a lucrative industry in Kenya and there are many farmers who have turned to this type of farming.

Tomato is one of the most popular vegetables in Kenya and if you want to grow tomatoes then it’s important that you research the best places for tomato farming in Kenya.

Tomato farming is easy and profitable.

Tomato farming is easy and profitable. It is a good source of income, because tomatoes are easy to grow and sell.

There are two main types of tomato farming namely open field farming and greenhouse farming.

There are two main types of tomato farming namely open field farming and greenhouse farming.

Open field farming is when the plants are planted in a field, where there is no shelter from the sun or rain to protect them from harsh weather conditions.

Greenhouse tomatoes produce fruit indoors under controlled conditions that mimic those found outdoors but with more control over temperature, light and humidity levels.

Hybrid tomatoes are a cross between two different varieties of tomato (or plant) to create an offspring with characteristics from both parents.

Open field farming involves growing tomatoes on flat land without any support to the plants.

Open field farming is the most common type of tomato farming in Kenya.

This type of production is done on flat land without any support to the plants, and it involves growing tomatoes on rows.

Greenhouse farming involves growing tomatoes in a greenhouse where environmental conditions are controlled.

Greenhouse farming is a very profitable method of growing tomatoes, as it allows growers to control environmental conditions in their greenhouses.

There are many different types of greenhouses available on the market today: some feature ventilated houses with separate grow chambers for each crop; others feature single-level structures where all plants share one roof space; still others use modular units so you can customize them according to how much space you need vs how much money you want spend upfront.

Hybrid tomatoes

Hybrid tomatoes are a cross between two different varieties of tomatoes that result in a new plant with some of the characteristics of each parent plant. They’re more disease resistant and have a longer shelf life than traditional tomatoes.

Hybrid tomato plants are usually grown from seed, but you can also buy them at nurseries.

Hybrid seeds are more expensive than traditional seeds because they require more work to grow them (for example, if you’re growing your own seedlings and want to save space).

Most farmers now have moved away from local tomatoes to hybrid tomatoes that grow bigger than their local counterparts.

Hybrid tomatoes are more resistant to diseases and pests, so they produce a better yield. They also grow faster than the other varieties of tomato

Hybrid tomatoes are usually bred with one male parent and one female parent, but you can also find a lot of cross-bred plants with two different parents—this means that they have both female and male characteristics in them.

Tomato farming has become lucrative over the years.

Tomato farming has become lucrative over the years. This can be attributed to the fact that tomatoes are eaten as a vegetable and also used in cooking. While some people may not like them, others love them.

The tomato industry has grown tremendously since its inception in Kenya, with many farms growing tomatoes on their own land or renting out space at other farmers’ farms.

Best places for tomato farming in Kenya

Tomato farming in Kenya can be done anywhere, but there are certain places that are better suited for tomato growing.

Tomato farmers should look at the following factors before deciding on a location:

  • High altitude areas – The higher the altitude, the better it is for tomatoes since they require less water and less fertilizer. If you have access to high-altitude land then this could make tomato production more profitable than other crops.
  • High rainfall – Tomato plants prefer moist soil and will not grow well in dry conditions.


There are several ways to grow tomatoes in Kenya. You can start your own farm and grow your own tomatoes, or you can buy them from a local farmer.

In addition, there are many hybrids available that can be grown easily in any climate.

Tomato farming is easy and profitable, so it’s worth considering if you’re interested in growing tomatoes.

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